Prize for Cuban artist in Turkey

The painter and sculptress Marta Jimenez won the unique prize of the V International Terracotta Symposium in the town of Eskisehir, where she represented Cuba and Latin America. The work La Gineta, 1, 90 meters high, was chosen in the event to adorn one of the streets of that Turkish city, along with another called the fourth part of the human body, 2.90 meters, both modeled in that Eurasian country.

Jimenez told the AIN that in these exhibitions she combined some of the conceptual elements characteristic of her work, such as the role of women in the development and progress of society, customs and humor of the Cuban idiosyncrasy.

La Gineta is a woman of bulky forms, typical physiognomy in the women recreated in her work, which is on a stroller, a symbol of the feminine will to always move on.

In the case of The fourth part of the human body, the sculpture represents a bag or shopping bag with a person inside, who according to the artist responds to the custom of the natives of this country to carry with them a bag for dissimilar uses.

She said that, despite being so different Cuban and Turkish cultures, the spectators and participants in the event expressed great acceptance to their curious and humorous proposal.

Representatives from Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea and the host nation participated with the Cuban, with large-format works in metal and terracotta sculpted during the event.

So far Marta Jimenez had not worked with large figures, because the largest sculptures made by her are those of the Plaza del Carmen, 1.30 meters, located in the sector of the historic center of Camaguey, declared a World Heritage Site in 2009.

Among the most representative awards obtained by the creative are the Distinction for National Culture and the UNESCO Prize for creativity, in the field of Ceramic crafts, in 1997. She also has awards from the International Craft Fair of Havana, and of the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Shanghai, China.

Source: http://www.juventudrebelde.cu/