Music and flowers for Martha Jimenez in Camaguey

The artist Martha Jimenez was awarded the Mayte Spinola Gold Medal on February 24, one of the most important awards given by the Spanish crown under the tutelage of Grupo Pro Arte y Cultura.

So in the afternoon of this Wednesday, the Provincial Council of Visual Arts and the Directorate of Culture in the territory entertained the local sculptress and painter in the privacy and warmth of her house, on General Gomez street.

The music of the violinist Magdiel put a special detail in the environment, which remained for seconds in a kind of earthly limbo, to which Jimenez added that nothing better than art to make people fly to different places.

"My work has been awarded a few times but this, without a doubt, was a surprise, they advocate creativity in the arts and sciences and acknowledge people who make relevant contributions, and when I saw myself there I did not believe it", said excited the artist.

"What makes me very happy is that the prize was given to sculpture especially, within my career, what was honored, because I paint, I do engraving, but modeling is what inhibits me the most, I leave ..., I do it from from here”, she said, pointing to the heart with her hand.

The Mayte Spinola Gold Medal was presented at the El Romeral House Museum in La Escorzonera, Spain, and represents a pride for this land that one of its daughters holds it among its victories.

On the 17th, a 27-minute documentary, from the series Ligths and Shadows, made by the Audiovisual Production Company of the Office of the Historian of Havana and directed by Magda Resik, will be released in the Cuban capital.


Author: Claudia Artiles Diaz
Source: Radio Camaguey