Dismay and pleasure

When the historiography documents the beginning and trajectory of the engraving in Camaguey, one can not fail to mention Agustin Bejarano Caballero, nor to Martha Jimenez Perez, within the creators who have bet and contributed to this legendary technique, in Jimenez Perez a woman who dignifies more than ever, because of the versatility of the women in the territory, not only for the important awards and recognitions received in recent years, but also for the integral use of multiple techniques within the visual arts.

On February 3, the exhibition "Las Mil y una Martha", at the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods of Camaguey, opened for the surprise of many who were unaware of the facets of Martha Petrona, we were dismayed not only by the aesthetic codes to which she accustomed us, also attending to the diversity of formats, chromatism employed and mastery in the use of the technique of colography, boldly presumed this exhibition that accompanied her, in addition to the matrix, other authentic works of art, to leave no doubt before the imaginary ritual that accompanies the process of confection and printing of her works.

There is full dedication in her, full-time dedication coupled with her high capacity of work, where some of those who accompany her in her workshop have commented on the limitless resistance, almost unreachable by them. Today is before our eyes the result that convinces well, and is not an obstacle the training received from an artist, professionalism is shown in the work, the latter is defined and defended by itself, as was demonstrated in "Las Mil y un Martha", with special museographic organization in the distinguished and stimulating Amalia Gallery. This woman full of energy has succeeded in overcoming and combining the family, the creation and the daily dynamics of the walk of the people from Camaguey, to contribute to our local culture, which is also a piece of the national one.

There is a challenge to the creation, which will encourage other stakeholders from the upward movement recorded in Camaguey has been able to enhance, we just say, thanks and congratulations to see your longing come true, where the Provincial Council of the Fine Arts bet on this specialty.

By: Eduardo Rosales Ruiz.
February 2012.