Martha Jimenez, every day more Camagueyan

At this time, renowned artist Martha Jimenez celebrated the third anniversary of her workshop. The genius of this woman has pushed her to transcend the limits of her city, province and country, transforming her into a universal creative.

This is evident in the more than 250 exhibitions between collectives and personal. In addition, she has been awarded prizes such as: UNESCO Prize for "Best Set of Works", UNEAC Prize for Sculpture Plaza del Carmen, and International Prize at Second International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Teapot in Shanghai, China.

Her unique style to determine proportions and symmetry in her works, have the signature of two expert hands capable of portraying, whether on the clay, the canvas or the cardboard, those small details of life that are usually impossible to grasp with words.

Often in your works, you recreate the female figure, what is the reason for this?

Conceptually, the subject has always interested me from the esthetic point of view, but also, I try to interweave the message of the work and the importance that the woman has in the society. Women have been undervalued in all times. To them, precisely, I dedicate the works "The woman with the house on her back", in ceramics and "The woman who flies", painting in which reflects how far they can reach when they propose it.

How did came about the idea of ??creating the children's workshop "Brush with a Soul of Kiss"?

"Brush with soul of kiss" was born of the love that I feel for the children, I am committed to them in body and soul. It is a gratifying experience to serve as a guide for the little ones in this fundamental stage of their lives. I believe that if all human beings meditate on how indispensable is the education for a child, existence on this planet would make more sense".

"I think the new generations need to develop both biologically and spiritually, and I would be pleased to see these children become the future of a well-known critical viewer or a famous artist".

Martha Jimenez is known by many people as a ceramist, do you intend to venture into another technique?

"I like to venture into everything, I never try to settle for something specific. I am a supporter of those who seek perfection through constant work, persistence and tenacity. But there will always be traits that seal what I do, whatever the technique. The movement and the diagonal line, for example, are elements that define me as a person, because I always avoid straight strokes, the static. "

Born in Holguin and living in Camaguey ... what feelings tie her to the land of the "Mayor"?

"I will tell you that every day that passes I feel like a more Camagueyan, because my children were born here and I have my best friends. In addition, I am captivated by the atmosphere and architecture of the city, and the people in general have welcomed me with much affection".

What challenges are sewn to the heat of Martha Jimenez's workshop?

"I want to continue working on sculpture, mainly monumental, using bronze. I want to continue perfecting my works and projecting the reality that surrounds me".

Work, lots of work. For example, during the Week of Culture, I opened two exhibitions, the first one of engravings, under the title "The Thousand and One Martha"; and the second called "Between Two Centuries, Martha's Pottery", which included works created between the 1980s and the present.

By: Yang Fernandez Madruga.
Febrero 2012.
Source: Adelante