Without losing the line: artistic proposal of Martha Jimenez in Camaguey

The artist Martha Jimenez, in Camaguey, knows where beauty is hidden, in need of creative treatment to pass to posterity. From her hands, modeled in clay or from the marvel of the brush on the canvas, emerge magnificent works as in uncontainable flow, thanks to the art deposited in them by this simple and talented woman.

Her most recent work is now in an exhibition that she called "Without losing the line" and that is open in the Gallery Julian Morales, at the headquarters of UNEAC.

It characterizes Martha, her intense search for new ways of assuming the fine arts. Not satisfied with her fabulous sculptures that adorn the Plaza de El Carmen and other heritage sites of the former villa, she deposited in the engraving another way of expressing herself and continued to embrace drawing - which she has done since 1965 - as essential in his daily life, both to outline and to create works.

Anyone who attends the exhibition "Without losing the line" will admire not only the beauty of the female figure and its external adornments, but also will realize how much valuable potential continues to spring from Martha, who uses techniques dominated by her to satiety, either in the modeling of clay, or from the obvious challenge of canvases and rigid matrices to achieve beautiful engravings.

This artist, based in the province of Camaguey, knows extraordinary successes, such as being awarded by UNESCO and showing her collections in famous galleries in several countries. Not a few specialists - inside and outside the Island - have dedicated spaces in their chronicles, to praise that spout that constitutes her talent.

However, Martha Jimenez is not conceited and, with her simplicity as usual, continues to be industrious and fertile, giving to Camagüey and her endorsement sufficient reasons for pride.


By: Yolanda Ferrera Sosa
November 2014