In pursuit of the Advent

Connoted by an excellent expressive enunciation, is qualified the triptych of the remarkable artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez. Composed of three large two-dimensional pieces, the focus of a poetic projection and assented invoice, Advent, as the artist has called it, constitutes a system, a form that brings together in concept the aesthetic prominence that each painting shows.

The idea refers to an event in the process of arrival and expected with anticipation. It is the tempered welcome to a vital event. The representation of all the emotional charge contained in the waiting for an event that in its essence is entirely sublime.

The proposal is conceived in three movements, in three different pieces. Each one is different from the form, style and treatment of color, but on the whole ideoesthetic set are in equal discourse tuning. They are works equidistant from the visual quality, and independent in terms of composition, but their languages ??move in similar orbit because they are based on the same content.

The first movement of the pictorial set is defended by a lady with a lamp. It is considered the one that originates the opening of the museographic script, because it is the one who gives light to the spiritual, the inner part of being related to sensitivity and the predominance of what is capable of feeling. The lady of the flower-bed, although registers a substrate relative to nature, shows the importance of subjectivity, the intervention of consciousness as a mediatic element, is therefore the allegory to the sensory, to the suggestive from the emotions.

The second movement is the piece represented by the lady of the drum in the form of a gift box. Although it exposes sensory precepts by the action of emitting the cadence and the rhythm of the sounds, it is more related with the tangible things, that is why it is the one that carries out the defense to the material aspects. This female figure provides the palpable values ??of objective reality, necessary for development as a social being, and therefore supports the individual as seen from the flesh, the body, as a human. It is the facilitator of the goods, the physical elements that complement the progress.

The triptych as a system has an element of unification, an intercommunicator symbol that as a kind of rhythm establishes a dialogue with contemporary terms. The element is the wooden horse, is found indistinctly in each of the pieces indicating the regress and the advance of time, the contradictory as existential problematic of postmodernity.

For its part, the third movement of the system is the centerpiece of the museographic distribution. Presents a lady who is pregnant and hopes to lead a life, which has been a great ceremony. At the bottom of the picture, a fun scene cooperates with raising the temperature and dynamism of the composition. Likewise, from the lady's dress hangs a balance that at one end holds an egg, as allegory to the fundamental conception of the whole work. Meanwhile, the centric figure maintains a serene, suggestive posture, with a soft, absorbed, deep look and sketches an expression with the face, to which the artist has given a supreme treatment. It consists of the masterly chromatic approach, which envelops the viewer, seduces and traps him. For this reason, after an optical path for each of the pieces, this is the one that summarizes the concentration of visual appeal.

The triptych is identified basically by two favorable aspects: the successful choice of an extra format and an accomplished management in the perfection of the color. It is for this reason that the system is not designed to observe closely, for it technically requires a distance of the spectator, of not less than five meters as an elementary rule of appreciation. Only from there the viewer can begin to appreciate the aesthetic levels reached by the author.

Advent is definitely a laudable, authentic delivery, especially elaborated in a moment of unquestionable creative maturity. It is therefore a very bold proposal, which strikes the dimension of an artist with illustrative vanguard probity.

By: Lic. Yaniel Perez Guerra
Curator and Specialist in Visual Arts