Words to the Catalog of the exhibition «Longing»

Recognized sculptress and ceramist, able to immortalize her closest contemporaries in mud: the wandering of her native Camaguey, Martha Jimenez resorts once again to the picturesquism inherent to her work to propose this exhibition that - with the title "Longing" - listens in her interior of woman and mother in search of that vehement desire of something, particularly immaterial, intangible..., but that she has given in to represent.

Whether it is the possibility of travel, carnal pleasure, a promising future for Nubia - as Jose Marti called Cuba in his poem Abdala - every effort has its symbolic resolution in the measure of its iconography (canvas or three-dimensionality), enforcing to the sewing machine a gimmick function that embroider, weave or stitch the underlying motif with the help of the threads of the imagination.

Sometimes they appear impudent seamstresses, like little Penelopees that undo the fabric in long elaboration; others, we feel the rattle of the Singer with which once our grandmothers showed their stubborn presence. Thus, the work of Martha refers to the origins of the family, to coexistence and its conflicts, to the vicissitudes of daily life, in short ... But always with an optimistic halo that has in fine humor the touchstone, as a joke whispered in the viewer's ear.

Words to the Catalog of the exhibition «Longing», inaugurated on Friday, July 2, 2010, in the gallery of the Lombillo Palace.

By: Argel Calcines.
Editor, Opus Habana.
July  2010.