Looking with transparency to the immediate environment allows Martha Jiménez Pérez to verify the permanence of authentic features of Cuban in the daily walk of the women, at the same time, she rediscovers genuine positions of their latent ancestors in the contemporaneity. Fruit of that sharp and subtle look appears an ample artistic production of which Roots is a very small, but substantial sample.

The observer will find here the leitmotiv of the work of Martha, that noble endeavor to find - and find ourself - from the cultural field, perspectives from which style or way of assuming reality becomes a seal of a territory as extensive as it can be the round trip of those who inhabit it. Thus, the identity signs that stand as referents of the author's poetics of these pieces go beyond the physical limits of the local, the small country and the insularity of the Cuban archipelago, to irremediably connect with the Latin essence that surprises the West; and even, with the inherent purpose to the human condition in any latitude of the world, if in anthropological terms we accept how much vital exists in each of the elements that appear in each work. Voluptuousness is here, however paradoxical it may seem, served femininity and inspired sensuality; hence in each image the woman is imperiously dignified and flattering.

The pride of woman is multiple, latent in each of the scenes or anecdotes of the exhibition: praiseworthy posture when assuming with moderation The Challenge, tender before Last Waning, secure in Spell of The Fish, angelical in Ascension and universal in Landscape. The woman who lives in the canvases and the mud, is not necessarily ethereal; she is, on the contrary, beautifully earthy in the Offering of the beekeeper and in the sweet Papaya of Adrift. There are no alternatives, you bring the tasty stool or, if you prefer, opt for the comadrita, let yourself be seduced and make use of the necessary time to penetrate the interstices of a valid aesthetic proposal, that of Roots.

By: Marcos Tamames Henderson.
Researcher and Art Critic.