Versatility in the work of Martha Jimenez

The condition of versatility in the work of Martha is given on the one hand by the consumption of her art in various spaces; whether galleries or not, without losing the essence and personal style, and on the other hand in the use of different visual manifestations. Here is one of the questions that I want to approach more closely, it is not a ceramist/sculptress or painter who also makes engravings; is a creative who in her habitual search experiences diverse expressive needs, and for that she uses that visual language that gives her greater defense to her discourse.

I find Martha's performance to be significant as an artist who challenges a variety of supports and dimensions, her expositions show the acquired capacity to obtain careful volumes from the use of almost any material, she shows technical mastery and artisan virtuosity, it is truly a fact that Martha manages to maneuver with dominance and inventiveness the transfer from one medium to another, even within the same series.

Nevertheless, the pottery continues being the consent, to show the saga of feminine Jimenian personages that insist on affiliate to the freedom, understood as a possibility of personal choice rather than as a mandate sent from outside.

The successive series resulting from this expressive search throughout an entire artistic career, meet in their studio-gallery in the populous Plaza del Carmen in the city of Camaguey, in symbols such as the house on the slope, the fish, the sewing machine, the goat, the boat, etc.; since they are associated with particular features of high feminine qualification: fertility, sensuality, acceptance, sacrifice, patience, perseverance, free expression, intelligence, movement and the most intimate lyric.

The acceptance of her work achieves a varied and numerous reception on the island and at international levels, not only by the fact that Martha uses a universal language but because she knows how to manage herself properly in the profane and sacred limits; the sensuality and the customary differentiated from the grotesque and simple, despite the fact that her themes are still removed from the hat of everyday life.


By: Lic. Maydelin Leiva Delgado.
MSc. in Latinoamerican Culture
Curator, galerist and art critic.