A few days ago, a Canadian couple, from Montreal to be exact, told Martha Jimenez in her workshop: "We have a book that speaks of you, you are very famous".

And what supports the fame of this artist of Cuba and international ceramics?

Well, a work always on the rise revealing and surprising, comprehensive and personal, I insist, very personal, and is that her irreverent "fat", important pillars of her expansive fame, are not the patrimony of the well-known Colombian artist, whom she is frequently mistakenly referred to, and it would be necessary to look for the first, universal and most valuable, in the known "fat", the Venus of Willendorf with all its load of beauty and sex-matriarchal arrogance, very feminine in addition, that Martha reinterprets to her credible sensual traditional ambience, spiritual, daring and technical, in one of her roads through the magical landscape of mud.

Roads, yes, because now she travels by other paths, some begun and others that just begin, and that will give birth many amazing surprises.

By: Arq. Leonel Carralero Rabaza.
June 15, 2006.