Martha friend, Martha creole...

Accompanying the hands of Martha Jimenez in her way back through paths of mud and fire, it always turns out to be an exquisite adventure of craft and figuration.

The work of this consecrated artist-ceramist, makes of the black, the half blood, the creole, passion for the memory and homage to the nostalgia as document of the Cuban.

Martha's concern for the autochthonous pursues and succeeds, in reaffirming that Cubanism with characters from before, today or tomorrow, with a marked tropicalist flavor.

Sensual bodies of volume and humor recreate vividly the customs of their surroundings.

With her hands in the best mud of Cuba, from her beloved Santa Maria del Puerto del Príncipe (Camaguey), she transports us between her sensual beings and acrobatics in unforgettable poetic affirmation.

"The viewer -says Marcos Tamames, art critic- is tied to the long and morbid desire to touch borders, from passive observer to owner".

We welcome the initiative of the Arawak Foundation and the enthusiasm of her friends, to warmly welcome the work of this great mulatto woman... Martha Jimenez, Martha friend ... the Martha creole!

By: Thimo Pimentel.
November 29, 2000.