To Martha

In appreciating her art - especially her sculptures - I feel a sensation that surrounds the magical and sensual. Effects from virtuous hands and an aptitude that has much to do with the essence of the context in which her art produces; where the Cuban is clear.

This artist has contributed decisively to the change of the image of one of the most emblematic sites of our city and, why not, to the city itself. Her work has been subjected to constant and direct dialogue with all kinds of public, without pedestals or barriers she has confronted the expert of any latitude, the astonished bystander and a community that embraced her art. Martha has faced the challenge with simplicity, courage and professionalism.

Martha integrates the prodigal and select group of artists that make privilege of Camaguey, transforming the mud into art. Martha does justice with this material that allowed us to found what we are today, almost five hundred years ago.

By: Jose U. Rodriguez Barreras
Director Office of the Historian of Camaguey