Martha Jimenez: between the Cuban and the feminine

The contemporary work of the plastic artist Martha Jimenez Perez exhibits a great diversity of subjects, including feminine-erotic-divine, insularity-migration and ironic-satirical, where Cuban is inserted with special emphasis.

This creative makes a speech full of rethinking about the Cuban woman and her relationship with the male sex. Although her images surpass subtlety and sensuality, both in the colors and in the strokes, it is necessary to emphasize the urgency that their approaches have for the times that run, where the plural occupies a relevant place.

The work that Martha proposes uncovers a very Cuban customs that joins avant-garde trends such as Surrealism and Expressionism. It enriches, thus, the universe of identity values of our society, recreating that complex and diverse mixture of races of which our creole smoothie turns out. This mulatta represented by Martha, with wide hips and erotically naked breasts, poses a beauty alien to all the patterns established by the mass media.

Not only is the woman for Martha a source of beauty and sensuality, she is also a source of criticism because she firmly believes that this plump lady can fly and follow behind her dreams and hopes, to where her own knowledge leads her. It is the woman for our creative sign of searches, reflections, questionings, but above all, is the flow of delicacy and Cubanness.

By: Lic. Leydis Izaguirre Jerez.