Lovers in the time...

Between the volume and whimsical forms, Marjiz slides her thin hands, as does the poet when he illuminates a verse. Her unlimited passion for clay overcomes any obstacle, taking it in a straight line towards a particular object. Martha Jimenez-Marjiz, is one of those unrepeatable artists, who leave a pleasant mark on those who face their work for the first time.

Impossible to put her in an artistic tendency. The originality lies precisely in the treatment of a theme that, not by threshing, ceases to gather strength and splendor in her pieces of dark terracotta.

Love can be handled in a thousand ways, and through it, Marjiz comes to us with figures that expose the mood of typical characters, contemporary or old, in which this natural, tropicalist and Cuban flavor is implicit.

Born in Holguín, although Camagueyan by force of years, Marjiz is paradigm of the attachment to a tradition that acquires with the time greater influence.

With the same humility as the artist puts her work to consideration, let us therefore dispose ourselves - as a foreign passer- to the hunting of a surprise encounter with the art that is, finally , the proposal of Marjiz.

By: Pedro Quiroga Jimenez.