The work of Martha Jimenez from the Plaza del Carmen transits the world

The legendary Plaza del Carmen in the city of Camaguey, Cuba, is considered one of the most visited in the city and one of the emblematic areas of the country. Every year, more than 50,000 people from foreign tourism frequent it and recognize it as a place of great aesthetic and sociocultural value.

Decorated by a sculptural set in bronze, authored by the praiseworthy artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez, this area treasures, as an open-air gallery and from the galleries, the various artistic languages ??of this artist who, from their native work, identify the idiosyncrasy and prestige of Cuban nationality.

The sculptural complex of the Plaza del Carmen becomes one of the main tourist attractions of the region. It represents a scene in which appears Mata'o (or The Water bearer) and The reader of the newspaper, both pieces inspired by living people of the locality; the couple of boyfriends, mean the recurring amorous in the parks of all city, and The Gossips, the top work of Martha Jimenez, widely achieved by the subtle outline and the suggestion to the intelligent public that has approved them and has become spokesmen for the exercise of criticism.

The tourist influx is increasing more and more in the Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez, located in these same vicinity. There are registered visitors from Germany, the United States, France, Denmark, Argentina, Turkey, the Czech Republic, China and Sweden, among many other countries, who come to this place not only as part of the official city tour, but with the interest of personally meeting an artist whose work is echoing with intercontinental admiration.

As part of the extension of the work of the accredited painter, ceramist and engraver to the different supports, emerges the Project Carmen, Spaces of Happiness, which provides, in addition to the possibility of promoting the work of the artist as a souvenir, the complacency that different travelers from countless nations of the world can acquire a Cuban endemic souvenirs, represented by the distinctive Plaza del Carmen and the work of Martha Jimenez.

This creative's artistic arsenal dialogues with her fans in the Studio-Workshop not only as a show to the public of her personal collection, but through guided visits and conferences; each visitor receives specialized information about the artist and her work, in addition, exists the children's workshop Brush With Soul of Kiss, created to foster interest in the visual arts from an early age.

In a conglomerate site of creation and appreciation of the work of Martha Jimenez has become the Plaza del Carmen, which is kept daily busy and being photographed, thus becoming part of the experiences that every visitor wishes to incorporate into the intimate memories of their passage through our island.

By: Yaniel Perez Guerra
Published in Hosteltur Magazine.