The art of Martha Jimenez

The outstanding Camagueyan sculptress Martha Jimenez Perez, exhibited her works of art in two inaugurated hotels, all people that have seen it were enchanted. This was in the context of the activities for the 500th anniversary of the Villa de Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe. From its niche in the lobby of the hotel bearing the same name, Santa Maria seems to observe a city of half a century that wakes up to admire it. Born under its unmistakable seal, this monumental sculpture will soon be cast in bronze. From the dome another project of the same artist will dominate the city, Translation, a snoop who investigates every city portion that is drawn at his feet.

In Hotel "El Marques" beautiful ladies of the time await the guest to wish them an unforgettable stay from the entrance of the room. With these and other projects Martha contributed to the setting of two new hotels destined for city tourism, both have the privilege of displaying unique pieces that are already part of the heritage of Camaguey.

Monumental sculptures by the Cuban artist Martha Jimenez, Unesco Prize for the best architectural set, complement the atmosphere of the lobby and the dome of the Santa Maria Hotel, located in the segment of the historic center of the city of Camaguey, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

With the name of the same hostel, in a mansion of architectural value, whose first constructive stage ended in the context of the festivities for the birthday of the town of Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe, one of the works fascinates those who visit the facility.

The Camagueyan ceramist is graduated and Master in Fine Arts and Professor of Art for more than 30 years, she has specialized in sculptures of ceramic teracotta. With varied and dynamic training, she graduated in Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics and Engraving, which allowed her to venture not only in sculpture and to do wonders of clay, but also in painting.

Recognized as "one of the most prolific and talented artists of the last decades in Cuba", Martha, within the academic world, works as an Instructor Teacher of the Academy of Fine Arts and attached to the Ibero-American Chair in Plastic Arts and Design "Fidelio Ponce de Leon". She is part of the Group of Experts of the Provincial Council of Fine Arts and is a member of LASA (Association of Latin American Studies), settled in the USA.

Several museums treasure her works: Colonial Museum, Museum of Ceramic and Ibero-American Art, from Cuba; National of Arts and Crafts, ville de Pezenas, Paris, France; Mayor of Madison, USA. Many of her creations are part of galleries and cultural institutions; decorate the hotel "Las Praderas"; or integrate private collections in Cuba, the United States, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, France, Canada, Italy, Greece, Germany, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina. Martha is the author of the Monumental Sculpture in Plaza del Carmen.

Author: Diosdada Sagarra
Source: Amalias Blog
Photo: Lazaro David Najarro Pujol