Martha Jimenez: ceramics made life

Recognized as one of the most prolific and talented artists of recent decades in Cuba, Martha Jimenez occupies a place of honor in the context of Cuban potters. Two artistic events of significance have marked, in the last year, the life of this illustrious Camagueyan: her participation in the Second Biennial and International Exhibition of Contemporary Artistic Teapots 2010, in Shanghai; and the personal exhibition at the University of Emerson, in the American city of Boston.

In the case of the Biennial of the city of Shanghai, two of Martha Jimenez's vessels were awarded. The event included an exhibition of 100 vessels from 100 countries (from five continents). The purpose of this event was to contribute to cultural harmony and tolerance in the world through ceramics. For its part, the library of Emerson College, in the city of Boston, has attracted a large audience. Her small-format sculpture and the seven canvases of the "Longing" series received praise from the American critics specialized in creative solutions, humor, reflection on the contradictions of human beings and profundity in vindicating women.

For some time now, this artist and her workshop have been one of the main epicenters of artistic creation in the city of Camaguey. The workshop of Martha Jimenez is located in the colonial zone of the city, in the vicinity of the Church of Carmen, a space declared a World Heritage Site.

Source: HostelTur Magazine. No. 203, March, 2011 Page 52.