Martha Jimenez, Cuban sculptress

I learned from Martha Jimenez, a Cuban sculptress, who paid tribute to the inhabitants of the Plaza del Carmen in Camaguey, Cuba.

The thing went like this: Full of emotion I went to visit Lisura (Lisset) and her family in Camaguey and told me about the art of a Camagueyan sculptres named Martha Jimenez.

She referred to Martha as a woman who paid tribute to the town of Camaguey, making sculptures of the women and men of the town, the simple people; that among their various occupations they give themselves a while to talk and share stories in the Plaza del Carmen.

Entering the Plaza del Carmen I met a compadre. Seeing him sitting there on the bench in the square, reading his newspaper next to his own sculpture and with the Venezuelan cap filled me with joy.

The sculptures speak: Women telling me about the wonder of art in unconventional spaces.


Source: http://somosrabodenube.blogspot.com/2011/05/supe-de-martha-jimenez-escultora-cubana.html