The Workshop-Studio of the ceramist and painter Martha Jimenez is located at Hermanos Aguero street, between Carmen and Honda, next to the Plaza del Carmen, Camaguey city.

It is open to the public from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday to Monday.

To legal or natural persons.

Yes. By agreement between the interested parts. A primary deposit (advance payment) is made. Upon delivery of the work the final payment is made.

There is sculpture in small and medium format. In materials like ceramic or bronze. In addition, there are bidimensional artworks. Made with materials like acrylic or oil; in mixed media, watercolors or prints.

The institution helps with the negotiations. In the case of original works, it must be certified with a stamp in the Heritage Registry Office, located in the Provincial Cultural Heritage Center (WACC) located in the Plaza San Juan de Dios, Camaguey city. In the case of other provinces, it must be located its counterpart, which will carry out this process. Also in the Customs, at airports, you can make payment of the certificate.

The offers are service guided tours, conversatories and exchanges with the artist. Also, are showed the pieces for sale and a permanent exhibition. Temporary exhibitions are also organized.

Yes, in advance you should call (032) 24 19 14 or (032) 25 75 59.

In front of the Workshop-Studio of the artist is located the restaurant-bar called "El Paso" and next door is located the restaurant "El Ovejito".

You select the artwork on the website of Martha Jimenez and requests it via email. From Cuba, there is no commercial management through the web. The first step would be sending a payment for delivery, plus the price of the work. Then you would get the artwork at home, using the agency that exists in Cuba for those purposes, named DHL.