Opens roads to a new visuality

The work Open Roads, belonging to the series Challenge, is one of the remarkable works of Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez. Recognized as one of the outstanding artists of Cuba and of the international scope, she puts together with her production the circuits of the visual creation.

Projected in the lost wax technique, this sculptural work, constitutes, for its stylistic handling and its aesthetic successes, a turning point in the orientation of her artistic discourse, for this, among other reasons, the piece was selected and inaugurated as one of the exclusives at the Aqua Art Miami, at the United States, on December 2015.

Virtuous for the treatment and suggestive workmanship, Open Roads bets on the structural extension of the feminine gender to a higher sensory world, from the visual, olfactory, gustative, sensual and sensitive satisfactions of the woman, towards an idyllic society led by its reflexes and perceptions.

The sculptural composition expresses the immediacy and simultaneity as necessary alternatives for the woman to face each process, and symbolically are shown the wheels, intending the coherent and cyclical passage of space and time.

Conceptual ingenuity and prominent manufacture qualify this work by Martha Jimenez, a singular artist, who, by the acceptance of his proposals, is found in many international sites in the development of art.

By: Lic. Yaniel Perez Guerra.
Curator and Specialist in Visual Arts