Dreaminess (Sculpture)

It highlights the feminine sensuality attached to the reflective factor. It focuses on the naivete of women from a dream-like universe.

Gossipers (Sculpture)

It is the most recognized series of the artist. To this it belongs the work -with tha name- that is considered her masterpiece. The series mixes contemporary codes with regional, social customs concepts. Women are thick, very graceful, with a sense of humor,  which is near of sensuality and sarcasm.

Lovers under the time (Sculpture)

It is one of the anthological series of Martha Jimenez. Excels the manners idea, and the virtuosity of visual motifs. These reflect with their expressiveness romances, basically from ancestors.

The fourth part of the human body (Sculpture)

Its initial name was the fourth of the Cuban body. All works recreate the crate, as that quarter part. Because of the monumental sculptural piece of award-winning artist located in Turkey, it is that this concept is universalized, and changed the series to its current name.

Ours is ours, I have it inside (Sculpture)

It highlights significant aspects of our Cuban identity and authenticity. It is emblematic for its technical achievements and conceptual codes.

Gluttony (Sculpture)

As the volume is one of the essential elements in the work of Martha Jimenez, the Gluttony series appears as a pretext to work with them in a more emphatic way. Artworks for which the artist holds the UNESCO Prize belongs to this series. 

Erotica Series (Sculpture)

Overflowing a range of sensual aspects. She suggests a balance between slapstick and erotic. Very original for her compositions, breaks with patterns of behavior and thought.

The Hive (Sculpture)

It is against gender violence, which even today humanity is not exempt. Brings ideas on defense, industriousness and protection of women.

With the house on her back (Sculpture)

It is related to the physical and emotional charge of the home, resting on the woman. It establishes the links between the various stereotypes, that govern a society.

The Circus (Sculpture)

It is inspired on various topics such as movement, balance, challenge and the need for risk. Usually appears the woman on top of loose strings or performing any other skill. Here appears the jester or the harlequin that gives the rhythm and comedy to the series.

Longing (Sculpture)

It is the series that the artist dedicated to her mother, and has a great emotional charge. The strong presence of sewing machines, which also is an international symbol of work, in which the artist defends the working women.

With its own light (Sculpture)

As the work of Martha Jimenez is defended mainly by symbols, the lamp is an element that appears in this series as synonymous of luminosity, its own light, of cultural and personal identity.

Spells of the fish (Sculpture)

The fish appears in all the works of this series as a unifying element. Figure according to the conception of the artist, with a similar women's movement: fast and free.

Harlequin (Sculpture)

They appear alone on the art scene. The artist dedicated to them by the ambivalence of their intelligent behavior, of laughing and mourning and vice versa. This series is further integrated by these women, that was generically named by Martha the Harlequins.

Torture of beauty (Sculpture)

Series of the ceramist Marta Jimenez Perez, with sculptures that focuses on the vicissitudes of women in their goal of achieving the desired beauty.

Angels (Sculpture)

Sculptural series from ceramist Marta Jimenez Perez, with hanging sculptures inspired by various themes.

The Travel (Sculpture)

Sculptural Series from ceramist Marta Perez Jimenez.

Seven Deadly Sins (Sculpture)

Sculptural Series from ceramist Marta Perez Jimenez.

Adrift (Sculpture)

Sculptural Series from ceramist Marta Perez Jimenez.

Spring (Sculpture)

This series is intended to express the visuality of a very nice woman, based on the bulge of hair, the way her shoulders decompose, especially in the optional use of color.

Heavenly Gossipers (Sculpture)

They are originated from the series of Gossipers. Although the idea is based in the popular context, the celestial combine more elements of classic and with a more contemporary perspective, from the ideo-aesthetic point of view.

The Goats (Sculpture)

Sculptural series by ceramist Marta Perez Jimenez.

The Clothesline (Sculpture)

It represents large and bulky women flying with their imagination. They have a washing line, various elements inherent to them and to the home. It is a series that stands out for the untimely presence of volume and color.

Other works (Sculpture)

Other sculptures by the artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez.

Ceramic dishes (Sculpture)

Ceramic dishes, by the artist and sculptress Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez.

Tinajones (Sculpture)

Series of sculptures from the artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez.

Pilgrims (Sculpture)

Series of the sculptress Martha Jimenez.