The city, from the infant pupil

Children know more than they seem (...)
Jose Marti

A mixture of innocence and wisdom invades the workshop-gallery of the artist Martha Jiménez in the Plaza del Carmen on her first anniversary, with the presence of the children's project Pincel With Soul of Kiss. The artist and director of this group of children, proposed them as a theme the personal responsibility with the patrimonial city in which they live, but to everyone's surprise, the naughty ones have given lessons in imagination, good technique and intrepidity, when each one of them faced canvas of 120 X 80 cms, from different pictorial components and tactile textures.

The city has been treated as a living subject that is part of their daily existence and also suggested from their dreams. They established relations between the city and the table where the family meets daily to eat the food; the city and the typical Cuban stool; the city and the moon and other figurative games, also chromatic that overflow grace and talent.

Martha Jimenez, from her studio-gallery, a project sponsored by the Office of the Historian, invites you to pass the threshold of the exhibition to contemplate and enjoy the beauty of these pictorial representations, which warn us that the children of project Brush With Soul of Kiss know more than it seems. 

By: MSc. Kezia Zabrina Henry Knight.