Speech of Eva. Them, we, you?

In the night without sleep / They inhabit me / I am dazzled by the endearing voices /
My mother's voice, soft ... love my ear / It cools my temples /
The grandmother's voice comes on tiptoe / Made of old times and smiles /
Made of love and tears / They talk to me...

Of the silence and the voices. Rafaela Chacon Nardi

The return to the woman in 25 pieces of pottery is the proposal of Martha Jimenez to start the year. In their traditional conception, women carry with them symbols that have defined them historically. Thanks to this leit motiv Martha has managed to create several series throughout her career that have allowed her to launch into an area of ??recognition beyond the limits of the Island. The exhibition shows that expressive search, still persistent in the intention of the artist, when opening new semiotic discourses of interpretation or redefinition, as appropriate.

Of the broad polysemy that each of these symbols represents, the choice is always aimed at referring feelings and traits related to the particular definition of the feminine and what is associated with it, fertility, sensuality, acceptance, sacrifice, patience, perseverance, liberation and the erotic. The convenient use of enamel accentuates each of these elements, as well as the proper handling of lights and shadows of sculptural pieces.

Serve this delivery to reaffirm what many have already shaped, Martha has become a master of the volume, not only from a conceptual point of view, with all that implies, but fundamentally from the domain of a technique that she has achieved to legitimize in diverse supports and artistic languages.


By: MSc. Maydelin Leiva Delgado
Curator and Galerist.
January 2014.