My Incontenible Land Project

There could be, in the work of Martha Jimenez, some influence of Botero, although the promotional and commercial fact, also artistic, has caused that a reiterated fatness of the human figure, automatically adjudicates to the Colombian.  However, every time I enjoy the rounds of Martha's mulattas, I think of what is called cultural anthropophagy and the concept of the form used by the artist. Martha grabs her characters with popular culture and legitimizes them by touching on universal issues and topics. The greasy form is populating allusion of the fleshy woman, abundant, grotesquely sexual, is an image that devours and invites to be devoured, an unlimited and rich image as the popular culture, is at the same time its defense, protection and continent.

By: Pavel Alejandro Barrios Sosa
Curator and art critic.