Adrift, it constitutes one of the most notorious pieces of the pictorial platform of Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez. It has a unique artistic definition of its type, within the creative's artistic panorama: the scale of values of the sepia extended to the range of grays, achieving an extraordinary fusion with the expressive enunciation of the color.

The painting represents a woman free to move towards her aspirations, projects and desires, able to fly with a naked and unprejudiced soul, a lady capable of changing society with her thinking and from her dreams.

Ideostatically, the piece alternates with the exaltation of the academic skill and with the concepts of contemporaneity, is considered a masterpiece, defended by code and symbols, displaying a reality, which is simultaneously magical and mystical.

By: Lic. Yaniel Perez Guerra
Curator and Critic of Visual Arts.