In the name of the goats

The encrypted language of the goats was what captivated Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez about four years ago, to begin to investigate in a truly passionate and revealing expressiveness. The result has been a sui generis aesthetic, loaded with drama and unusual visuality that divinely expresses in various media and supports.

The eyes of their goats take on a life of their own as soon as the exercise of reception begins. They provoke, summon, contemplate, snoop, make silence and bestow. They are reliable witnesses of the power and inner freedom that women can experience, as long as they are able to choose their own path, and thus become masters of their present and future, the only owners of their destinies.

This animal has a complex and appealing hermeneutics - depending on the mythology, religion or culture to which reference is made - that is the nature of its discourse. In this sense, the lambs of Martha are their sacrifice to God to purify the failures of men. In this way she offers herself as shepherdess of the herd, in sign of renewal, backwater and maternal welcome.

On the other hand, in the wild, indomitable or wild goat, Martha finds the challenging woman who takes risks, responsibilities and is challenging. Another wink that should never be ignored is the artist's ex profeso reference to the goat, the final recipient of all her concerns and questions. In this way, she reinterprets the allegation to the woman to give prominence to the human being as a genre, the true essence of her discourse.

They emphasize the pieces of the exhibition by the abandon with which they are worked and the correct workmanship. They look proud and at the same time candid. In the name of goats, Martha intends to inquire not only in the drama of life and human nature, but also in our own limitations and magnitudes, in what it means to be female.

In this, her most recent installment, Martha proves that she does not plan to stop at the exploration of new expressive solutions, uses for this the language, materials and media of the visual arts, that manifest their intention better.

By: MSc. Maydelin Leiva Delgado
Specialist, curator and researcher
Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez